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My husband and I have been patients at Finnell Chiropractic for 3+ years under the care of Dr Lyon. Our experience has been quite amazing and extremely beneficial. At initial visit Dr Lyon performed thorough review of medical history, and took only initial necessary images for current status. Dr Lyon has helped us return to, and maintain spinal, neurological wellness. On occasions when we’ve had falls or accidents - Dr Lyon performed thorough work-up using our medical diagnosis and his experience and research to help us understand our injuries and develop plans for recovery. Dr Lyon patiently listens, and cares deeply about each client. We are also impressed that Dr Lyon stays current on chiropractic research and developments. Overall we are extremely grateful for his excellent, comprehensive care tailored to our specific unique needs.

Peggy Fetzer

Dr Finnell has been my Chiropractor for about 6 years now. His gentle Chiropractic care and B.E.S.T. techniques have transformed the way I feel and have positively affected my quality of life.

Dr. Finnell is a highly skilled practitioner and good listener. He cares about his patients and is willing to share his knowledge and give recommendations so that patients can incorporate them into their better health journey.

I had an old knee injury from my martial art days that was bothering me more than usual. Previous orthopedic doctors had told me that I had patellofemoral pain syndrome due to the angle from my hip to my knee putting stress on my knee. Previous doctors told me that they could do nothing to help. Last week, I told Dr Finnell about it. After his exam, he said the bones under the knee cap were misaligned so he adjusted it. For the first time in 28 years, I can now bend my knee normally without pain or swelling.

Thank you Dr Finnell for all that you do.

Virginia Getchell

Dr. Finnell is absolutely amazing! I had back pain for 6 years previous to meeting him and I was told by many doctors there was nothing wrong. Dr. Finnell took x-rays and thoroughly looked at them to figure out the issue and I cannot stress enough how much going to him has helped me! He is a great listener and makes me feel important when I am there. His staff is
also amazing! Shoutout to Mary for always making me feel welcomed when I arrive.

Sabrina Durkee

My original chiropractor retired and although somewhat fearful about placing my neck in somebody else's hands I had no choice but to find a new doc. The care I have received here is above and beyond what I had even hoped for. Dr Finnell is amazing, as is his staff and his facility. I appreciate their care so much I even drive 35 minutes to get here. Each way. I highly recommend Finnell Chiropractic to anybody seeking a home for their skeleton. My spine and my neck are happy indeed! And that makes my spirit happy, just sayin'.

Tammy Borja

I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years, and for the most part have ignored my neck, and back health simply because I couldn’t find the right chiropractor! Dr. Finnell is fabulous! And his staff is top shelf!! Great people with awesome attitudes, that will go out of their way to help you! If you’re not currently going to a chiropractor, I would recommend Finnell chiropractic. And if you’re currently going to another chiropractor, maybe now’s a great time to switch!

Marty Sloan

I have enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic care for many years. I have received care from several different physicians; therefore, I have experience as my points of reference.

Dr. Steve Finnell is a fine practitioner of the art and science. His office is immaculately clean and his staff personable and professional. He is such a big part of achieving and maintaining my wellbeing.

Deborah Walker

I’ve been a dental assistant for the last 42 years I always thought that having a backache was part of the job. About four weeks ago the pain got so bad it went up in my neck and the back of my head. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. so my son advised me to go see Dr. Finnell, now it’s been four weeks And my headaches are completely gone my neck is feeling much better my back we’re still working on that but I am so pleased to have found such a great chiropractor.

Everyone in the office is very pleasant very caring it feels like a family when you walk in.

Gabriela Diez

Dr. Lyon is kind, courteous, and thorough. In addition to making more space between my vertebrae, he found a cause of my aching hip and is shifting that back into place. The office staff is also knowledgeable, courteous and willing to meet my needs. I am very happy to have found Dr. Lyon and the team of Finnell Chiropractic.

Emma Terrell

The entire staff has been very helpful in setting up appointments but also with all the issues of payments.

The chiropractors listened to me and did not make me feel stupid.

I have enjoyed the entire process and the good way my body feels.

Teresa Liebscher

Dr. Finnell knows his stuff. Have issues with my back and neck. Through regular visits he keeps me feeling great. The staff are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this office.

Kurt Lewis

Steve is the best! Been going to him for almost 15 years, always keeps me feeling great.

Jason Everett

Dr. Finnell is an excellent chiropractor! I have been a patient for the last 14 years and I highly recommend him.

Julie Graham

I have been going here for over 3 years. my first visit I could barely walk with sciatica pain. and other mobility problems. today I can walk with any aids and without the sciatica pain.

Ray De Long

Everyone is always very friendly and helpful!

Connie Esquibel

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